Mercedes Hybrid for sale Hertfordshire, Essex and London

Many believe that hybrid vehicles are something new and innovative. The fact is Mercedes hybrid vehicle have a long history. It was 1902, when the Mercedes Simplex won motorcar races with a combination of hybrid drive and electric hub motors at its front wheels.

But serious work for widespread use began in 1969, when Mercedes-Benz created the OE 302 electric test bus. Ten years later Mercedes put five of these electric-diesel hybrids into regular service. Then, in 2003 Mercedes introduced the F-500 Mind research vehicle with a diesel engine and hybrid module, and research intensified. It was in 2009 that Mercedes-Benz debuted the S-400 Hybrid, the first production car with a lithium-ion battery. Today, hybrid cars are becoming an increasingly important segment of the Mercedes line-up and we are proud to be a leader in this hybrid car technology with the addition of the E 300 Hybrid. 

Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTEC Hybrid

Put aside any thoughts that hybrids need to look “different” or lack power. If you don’t, you’ll walk right past the E 300 Hybrid from Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes has created a hybrid with the look and feel of a true Mercedes. Stylish good looks surround this hybrid that will impress with its performance. With a top speed of 150mph, this feisty hybrid can go for standing to 62 mph hour in just 7.5 seconds. It manages to deliver this performance with CO2 emissions of just 109 g/km. In addition it has a combined cycle fuel consumption of 65.7 mpg. Loaded with standard features, Mercedes hybrid carries its nameplate proudly and efficiently.