5 benefits of buying an ex-demonstrator from Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire.

An ‘ex-demo’ or an ‘ex-demonstrator’ car is one that has been particularly used by Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire staff, in the showroom or on test drives by potential customers. They are basically brand new with just a few thousand miles on the clock are sold as a used car at a discounted price.

At Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire, we have an exquisite range of ex-demonstrators. Not only are they kept in pristine condition to give customers the ultimate enjoyment while we own them, but they also benefit from an incredible range of additional specification to showcase the best from the Mercedes-Benz, AMG and smart range.

Read our 5 benefits of buying an ex-demonstrator below:

1. Our Mercedes-Benz ex-demonstrators are in the best possible condition:

As an ex-demo car, our vehicles will have been kept in the best possible condition and will have no visual faults. The handover process will be just as comprehensive for an ex-demo car as it is for new Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

2. Consistent car maintenance:

Our vehicles will have been regularly serviced, washed and valeted and all paperwork will be guaranteed and in order leaving it in excellent condition when purchased.

3. We are the only registered owners of that vehicle:

Unlike a used car, an ex-demo car won’t have had any previous owners other than us as we have to register the vehicle to use it as a demonstrator. This means the car will be in the same condition as when it was brand new and will have very low mileage.

4. Our ex-demonstrators are very high specification models:

Our ex-demo vehicles are usually very high specification, as we want to showcase the best aspects and features of our Mercedes-Benz, AMG and smart vehicles. Most models will have Premium and Premium Plus packages giving the vehicle many additional extras.

5. A nearly new car with big potential discounts:

As the car has been registered in the dealer’s name it is technically a ‘used’ car. As a result, we have great offers on our ex-demo giving you the opportunity to make some big savings compared to a new vehicle.