6 brand new features on the new Mercedes-AMG C 63

The C 63 is the bedrock of Mercedes-AMG. Drivers and fans love it because it is one of a kind in its segment. Its signature feature is the immensely powerful eight-cylinder engine ‑ no other model in the competitive environment can pick from such an embarrassment of riches. The V8 is an unshakeable part of the AMG brand identity. The rear-wheel drive, the AMG-specific suspension and the athletic overall appearance likewise set the C 63 apart from its competitors.

It also comes with a wealth of options, including four body versions in the Saloon, Coupe, Cabriolet and Estate body styles.

Take a look at the 6 brand new features on the new C 63 which has further improved Mercedes-AMG’s best sellers’ thrilling driving dynamics and distinct design.

1. AMG Speedshift MCT 9G transmission

The C 63 now makes use for the first time of the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9G transmission, which the Mercedes-AMG developers have tuned specifically for a dynamic driving experience. This optimises the response to the driver’s accelerator pedal input and the multiple downshift function allows for more spontaneous bursts of speed.

2. AMG-specific front grille

The entire new Mercedes-AMG C 63 lineup receives a new Panamericana grille, which replaces the previous horizontal bar. This style of grille began life on the Mercedes-AMG GTR but is now being added to more models across the Mercedes-AMG range.

3. The AMG Drive Unit

Standard on the new C63 is the AMG Drive Unit. This consists of an integrated round controller beneath the right-hand steering wheel spoke which allows you to select the different driving modes and two freely configurable buttons beneath the left-hand steering wheel spoke to select different AMG-specific driving functions such as the exhaust and chassis.

There is a new driving mode called ‘Slippery’ which is a drive program optimised for slippery road conditions with reduced power and a flat engine curve.

4. Nine-stage AMG Traction Control (On the C 63S)

Taken from the AMG GTR, AMG Traction Control allows preselection of the slip on the rear axle in one of nine levels, permitting even more precise handling. Depending on the setting, the system permits more or less slip on the rear wheels. Level 1 is programmed for driving in the wet with high safety reserves and level 9 allows maximum slip on the rear axle.

5. Digital cockpit

The C 63 has a new digital cockpit with a fully-digital instrument cluster and a 10-inch infotainment screen as standard.

6. Electronically controlled rear-axle differential now standard 

Polished to perfection by AMG’s own engineers, the electronically controlled rear differential makes sure the right amount of torque reaches the wheel with most traction at all times, preventing the spinning of the inside wheel as a result. In contrast to a conventional differential, the AMG rear-axle limited-slip differential uses multi-disc clutches and two thrust rings. And since it is an electronically controlled solution as opposed to a purely mechanical one, the limited slip diff created by AMG is significantly faster as well.