The new Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC Shooting Brake: A big mouth and a lot behind it performance and versatility for individualists

Already the fifth model in the compact class, the new CLA 35 4MATIC Shooting Brake (combined fuel consumption 7.5-7.4 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 171-168 g/km)[1] is the latest point of entry to the world of Mercedes-AMG. The five-door model combines the powerful proportions of a sporty coupé with the decisive extra functionality thanks to the extended roof, the large tailgate, the wide load compartment opening and the variable interior. The agile high-torque 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine delivers 225 kW (306 hp), which is variably distributed to the front and rear axle via the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and the AMG Performance 4MATIC all-wheel drive. The sporty performance (acceleration 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds) is coupled with an increased amount of space for luggage or sports and outdoor equipment.

“The new CLA 35 Shooting Brake, with its expressive design, the agile vehicle dynamics and the flexible load compartment is an attractive alternative for young customers who lead an active life with various leisure activities. With the Shooting Brake we are offering these individualists access to the exciting world of AMG Driving Performance, which is tailored to their specific requirements”, says Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Management Board of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

With sports car genes: the exterior design

The design with its elongated bonnet including power domes, broadly sculpted wheel arches, a slim waistline, compact greenhouse and width-accentuated tail end displays clear sports car genes. The AMG-specific radiator grille with its twin louvre and the AMG Line front apron with flics around the air inlet grilles as well as the front splitter and the inserts on the louvres on the outer air inlet grilles in silver chrome are characteristic elements of the “35” models and are thus also among the distinguishing features of the Shooting Brake.

From a side view, the aerodynamically optimised 18-inch light-alloy wheels in a 5-twin-spoke design (19-inch optionally available) and the dynamically sculpted side sill panels catch the eye. The outline of the frameless windows is identical to the outline of the Coupés itself up to the B-pillar. Behind it, the window line runs considerably higher, which makes entering easier for rear passengers and facilitates the larger load compartment capacity.

The rear view is dominated by the rear apron with a diffuser insert and four vertical fins, the AMG airflow break-away edge in the vehicle colour on the roof spoiler and the two round tailpipe trims on the left and right. The two-piece, narrow tail lamps and the number plate housed in the bumper make the tail end look especially wide.

Sporty interior with characteristic equipment features

Frameless doors open to an interior with a high-tech ambience where quality and elegance meet fully digital displays. Characteristic features of the “35” models include sports seats with upholstery in ARTICO man-made leather and DINAMICA microfibre in black with red double topstitching, complemented by the central trim element of the instrument panel in black DINAMICA with a red trim strip.

As an alternative, upholstery in ARTICO man-made leather in neva grey/black with mid-grey double topstitching and light-longitudinal-grain aluminium trim is available.

The AMG-specific centre console in high-gloss black with standard touchpad has additional buttons that control the 3-stage ESP®, manual transmission mode and the optional AMG RIDE CONTROL adaptive damping system. In combination with the optional leather package, it features a silver chrome console surround.

The characteristic, sporty AMG ambience is also underscored by the sports pedals in brushed stainless steel with rubber studs, floor mats in black with AMG lettering and insert in a nubuck-leather look, the roof liner in black fabric and the AMG door sills in brushed stainless steel at the front with “AMG” lettering.

MBUX infotainment system with AMG-specific displays

The combination of sporty design and sophisticated details is also featured in the MBUX infotainment system with its innovative operating and display concept. MBUX creates an even closer connection between the vehicle, driver and passengers. Emotionally appealing presentations underline the clear control structure and feature brilliant maximum-resolution 3D graphics. Visually, the two displays under one shared glass cover blend into a Widescreen Cockpit and as a central element consequently emphasise the horizontal orientation of the interior design.

The customer can choose between the three AMG display styles “Classic”, “Sport” and “Supersport” for the instrument cluster. The “Supersport” mode is particularly striking with a central, round rev counter and additional information presented in the form of bars to the left and right of the rev counter: with a three-dimensional perspective, they reach far into the background to an artificial horizon. Via the AMG menu the driver can call up various special displays:

  • Gear display ‑ with yellow "M" symbol in manual mode
  • Warm-up menu ‑ engine and transmission oil temperature
  • Set-up menu ‑ AMG DYNAMIC SELECT settings
  • G-Meter – longitudinal and lateral acceleration forces
  • Race-Timer – stopwatch, lap and sector times
  • Engine data – output and torque, engine oil and transmission oil temperature
  • The touchscreen multimedia display also emphasises the dynamic character with individual AMG displays such as visualisation of the driving programs, AMG TRACK PACE and telemetry data.

Operation without touch: the interior assistant

With the new optional MBUX interior assistant, select infotainment functions can be operated touchlessly and the reading light can be switched on and off. The assistant differentiates between driver and passenger interaction and recognises certain hand positions and movements. The interaction area for the MBUX interior assistant is in front of the media display up to the centre console, including the touchpad between the driver and the front-seat passenger.

The MBUX interior assistant recognises movement toward the various operating elements of the infotainment system. The operator’s seat is enlarged on the media display if they move their hand toward the touchscreen. The most suitable operating elements are automatically pre-selected. In the Radio and Media menu, the MBUX interior assistant reduces the number of operating steps.

In the Navigation menu, the system fades in the navigation as soon as the hand moves to operate the touchscreen or touchpad, so that a symbol is selected directly. When displaying the camera image, as soon as the hand moves toward the touchscreen the MBUX interior assistant enables the four camera operating symbols from the 360-degree camera to be directly faded in. This means that the front, rear, right or left camera view can be directly selected.

And needless to say, the trailblazing voice control activated with the words “Hey Mercedes” is also on-board. Thanks to artificial intelligence, MBUX recognises and understands nearly all sentences from the fields of infotainment and vehicle operation, even if they are expressed indirectly.

New four-cylinder turbo engine with output of 225 kW (306 hp)

The 2.0-litre engine is based on the M 260 four-cylinder drivetrain in the new A-Class. The AMG-specific developments include the exhaust-gas turbocharging, the water charge air cooler and the independent air intake (clean air line). The sporty drive system boasts an immediate response to accelerator pedal commands, high tractive power (400 Nm max. torque from 3000 rpm), a supremely lively response and an emotional engine sound. The crankcase made of high-strength, lightweight die-cast aluminium reduces the vehicle weight where it matters most for driving dynamics.

The exhaust-gas turbocharging combines optimum responsiveness at low engine speeds with a strong power increase at higher speeds. The housing of the twin-scroll turbocharger is divided into two parallel ducts. Together with two separate exhaust ducts in the exhaust manifold, this makes it possible to channel the exhaust gases separately on the turbine wheel.

This results in a further advantage of twin-scroll technology, i.e. minimisation of the mutually adverse effects of the individual cylinders on the gas cycle. The exhaust gas back pressure is reduced and gas exchange and engine efficiency are improved.

Data logger for use on the racetrack: AMG TRACK PACE

AMG TRACK PACE is also available optionally. The virtual race engineer is part of the MBUX infotainment system and permanently records more than 80 vehicle-specific data (e.g. speed, acceleration) while driving on a racetrack. On top of this, lap and sector times are displayed, as well as the respective difference to a reference time. Because specific display elements are shown in green or red, the driver is able to see at a glance without reading numbers whether they are currently faster or slower than the best time.

After putting in some fast laps, the driver can use the data to analyse and, if necessary, improve their driving skills. In addition, acceleration and deceleration values (e.g. 0-100 km/h, ¼ mile, 100-0 km/h) can be measured and saved. Thanks to a newly developed algorithm which determines the vehicle position as precisely as possible, AMG TRACK PACE even detects when the circuit has been left or it has been shortened. This is done using GPS data as well as the sensors available in the vehicle (acceleration, gyroscope, steering angle, wheel speeds).

The data are displayed on the multimedia display, in the instrument cluster and on the optional head-up display. Well-known racetracks like, for example, the Nürburgring or Spa Francorchamps, are already stored. Furthermore, it is also possible to record your own circuits. The map display can be switched from 2D to 3D and updated online.

The MBUX Augmented Reality function also allows the ideal line of a stored racetrack to be displayed on the multimedia display or optional head-up display, allowing the driver to improve lap times with a virtual instructor on board.

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