Showcasing the E-Class Coupé

This is Mercedes doing what it does best – luxury, space, technology and style. With the E-Class Coupé, Mercedes have even made this new car 123mm longer and 74mm wider, with a 68mm wider track front and rear than its predecessor. That means 74mm more legroom in the back, giving your passengers a more comfortable and spacious feel on a long journey.

The E-Class Coupé is exceedingly gorgeous, with exceptional driving characteristics, along with driver-assist technology that becomes near self-driving in stop-and-go traffic. It exhibits an excellent driving feel and has a wonderful brand new infotainment interface.

This is the E-Class Coupé – looking good and finishing every journey more refreshed than you began. We had the pleasure of taking the E400 AMG Line 4MATIC Coupé out for the day and this is what we discovered.

A beautifully, comfortable and effortless drive

The E400 Coupé completes 0-62 mph in 5.3 seconds and it’s pegged at 155mph, with 333bhp from its 3.0-litre, twin turbocharged V6, which is as quiet and refined as you’d like. It even sounds good. It’s the same engine you get in a C43, E43 and GLC 43, minus the AMG calibration that gives it more power. Drive is pushed to all four wheels through Mercedes-Benz nine-speed automatic transmission, distributing power intelligently when left to its own devices and will respond quickly to manual input at the paddles. This impressive E-Class Coupé also comes in an E300 AMG Line, E53 4MATIC, E220d AMG Line and E220d 4MATIC AMG Line.

The E400 Coupé that we took out for the day had optional Mercedes-Benz Air Body Control air suspension, which provides unique height and firmness settings for comfort, sport and sport plus modes. And there’s even an extended height level for traversing rough roads. Click over to comfort mode and the air suspension provides a very soft, effortless glide across tricky terrain. This setting really pairs well with this car’s mission. Sport mode sharpens the car’s responses and wakes up that nine-speed transmission without making the suspension harsh. This is the perfect car for effortless, comfortable long drives.

Luxurious interior with an excellent infotainment system

The E-Class Coupé comes with driver and passenger electric seat adjustment, as well as electric lumbar adjustment. That means it’s extremely easy to find a comfortable position and the seats provide good lateral support, while there’s enough leg and head room that even the very tall won’t feel hemmed in. Rear seat legroom is particularly generous. There’s certainly enough room in them for the average adult to travel quite comfortably. Those in the back seat are treated to a panoramic view thanks to the glass sunroof and pillar-less side windows. Front seat heating and electrical adjustment come as standard, but this particular car has the Premium Plus Pack, which adds heaters for the rear seats, memory seats, a panoramic sunroof, adaptive LED headlights and Burmester surround audio system (which is highly recommended). The boot is also usefully wide and long.

The E-Class Coupé comes with an optional Premium Plus Package, which features dual widescreen 12.3-inch displays which are easy on the eyes and easy to use, too. It also features the Mercedes Command Online infotainment system with advanced sat nav, which is excellent, displaying mapping at a helpfully large scale and with good clarity and showing live traffic information particularly clearly. As well as built-in wi-fi hotspot and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring. The Burmester stereo sounds very impressive, with powerful range and a laudable level of detail. The same goes for the rest of the furnishings, with gorgeous wood veneers, soft leather and turbine-style air vents, that remind us of some very cool, very deep-dish alloy wheels.

The E-Class Coupé seriously impresses with its interior quality. Everything you see and interact with feels suitably plush – in fact, the inside feels very similar to a Mercedes S-Class.

In summary

From it’s effortless, comfortable, luxurious drive, plush interior and excellent infotainment system, to the impressively gorgeous exterior, we didn’t want to give this car back! After all, we are just the marketing department! So it’s now sitting pretty on our forecourt at Mercedes-Benz of Bishop’s Stortford, waiting to wow the socks off someone else on a test drive. Will it be you?

This is the E-Class Coupé – looking good and finishing every journey more refreshed than you began.

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