What are the benefits of buying a nearly new Mercedes-Benz?

  • With a nearly new Mercedes-Benz, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. It gives you all the benefits of a modern, fuel-efficient, reliable car with the latest design and technology, but you also get to drive it away with a huge discount off the price.
  • Our nearly new Mercedes-Benz cars also have very low millage, so you can still enjoy that ‘new car feeling’ at a much lower price than buying brand new.
  • Our range of nearly new cars are all in excellent condition, just like new, so you can still have that ‘new car’ experience, but with just a few miles on the clock.
  • As you will be the second registered owner of the car, you will also be able to maintain the value for longer, as the rate of depreciation will slow down.
  • Nearly new just means that the car will have one previous owner, which in this case, will be Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire.