The new Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster – Now available to order, with only 750 available globally, order yours AMG style… Fast!

This combination is just irresistible and is limited to 750 units: Mercedes-AMG is combining its top model brimming with motorsport technology with the freedom of the open-air driving experience – crowning the model portfolio of open-top sports cars. The new AMG GT R Roadster is just as much at home on winding racetracks as it is on beautiful coastal roads. With its powerful drive and expressive design it addresses a new, lifestyle-oriented target group which lives life to the full. The 585 bhp V8 biturbo engine, the adjustable coil-over suspension with active rear axle steering, the active aerodynamics and the intelligent lightweight construction form the foundations for highly dynamic handling characteristics. And like the other roadster models the open AMG GT R also has the triple-layer fabric soft top.

“The new AMG GT R Roadster is far more than the combination of the thrilling vehicle dynamics of the GT R with the special flair of our GT Roadsters. It is the essence of two worlds, blending to deliver our brand pledge, Driving Performance, in a very special way. With our GT R Roadster we have without doubt once again developed a brand-defining sports car. It too embodies Mercedes-AMG in form, function and vehicle dynamics and enriches our GT family with a highly exclusive variant limited to 750 units”, says Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Management Board of Mercedes-AMG.

The AMG 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine in the AMG GT R Roadster delivers an output of 585 bhp and maximum torque of 700 Nm. The eight-cylinder power unit delivers muscular performance in all engine speed ranges, combined with high efficiency. A sprint from standstill to 62 mph is absolved in 3.6 seconds. The dynamic power delivery continues right up to the top speed of 197 mph.

Wants to stay ahead even at a standstill: the exterior design

The low-slung front section and the forward-inclined AMG-specific radiator grille create a distinctive “shark nose” impression and make the car appear to sit lower on the road. At the same time, this shape lowers the vehicle’s back-pressure point, enhancing the flow of cooling air and the car’s aerodynamic performance.

The standard-fit LED High Performance headlamps strengthen the AMG GT family tie with their light signature. A tri-functional, arched light guide takes on the functions of daytime running light, navigation light and turn signals. The multi-chamber reflector system with three single reflectors each for dipped beam and main beam not only ensures optimal illumination of the roadway, but also gives the AMG GT Roadster a sporty, dynamic look which gains even more optical depth as the result of the black background.

The V-shaped arrow-like appearance of the front end also enhances the dynamic looks, thus embodying the uninhibited forwards thrust of the AMG GT R Roadster even before it moves. The front apron in jet wing design and the front splitter emphasise the car’s width. The large outer air inlets in the front apron guarantee the increased supply of cooling air to the engine. For this reason, they sport two aerodynamically shaped horizontal fins in place of meshes and as a result route the airflow to the radiators without loss.

Special rear end design for more cornering speed

The rear end also features numerous, conspicuous differentiations. The aluminium sidewalls make the AMG GT R 57 millimetres wider at the rear than the AMG GT and AMG GT S Roadster. This creates room for the larger 20-inch wheels and tyres as well as the wider track. These measures make for improved traction while allowing higher cornering speeds.

Tailor-made driving pleasure times six: the drive programmes

Using the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT gearshift paddle in the centre console or the AMG steering-wheel buttons the driver can adjust the AMG GT R Roadster to suit their individual requirements. They can choose from “Slippery”, “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport plus”, “RACE” and “Individual”. The “RACE” mode optimally adjusts the shift strategy of the dual clutch transmission to the needs of racetrack usage – very short shift speeds and highly emotive engine sound are included. By pressing the separate “M” button in the centre console, the driver can activate the manual transmission mode in any drive mode.

As a feature in the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive programmes, the AMG GT R Roadster also comes with AMG DYNAMICS. This calculates how the vehicle will react. To do this, the system uses the available sensors that detect the speed, the steering angle or the yaw rate, for instance. Based on the pilot-control principle it is possible to anticipate the vehicle behaviour on the basis of the driver’s actions and the data from the sensors. The control system reacts in this way even before the driver – and with no noticeable or intervention of the system. The driver gets a very authentic driving feel with high cornering dynamics and optimum traction as well as high stability and predictable handling. This provides optimum support even for experienced drivers.

The three-layered fabric soft top

The three-layered fabric soft top is supported by a magnesium/steel/aluminium structure of low weight, which helps to keep the vehicle’s centre of gravity low. The inserted acoustic mat reduces noise.
There is a new exclusive colour shade available for the AMG GT R Roadster, which is also being offered in parallel in the AMG GT R: the fine designo graphite grey magno matt paint extends the colour palette to a total of 14 choices.
Anyone wishing to emphasise the close connection to motorsport even further can choose the optional AMG Carbon-Fibre Packages. With the AMG Carbon-Fibre Package I the front splitter, the fins in the wings, the inserts in the side skirts as well as the rear diffuser are in a high-quality carbon-fibre look. The AMG Carbon-Fibre Package II with the rear aerofoil blade, the rear aerofoil end plates and the outside mirror housing in carbon fibre complete the sporty appearance.

Modern times: digital AMG-specific displays

The AMG GT R Roadster has been given fully digital instrument displays with an instrument cluster measuring 12.3 inches in front of the driver and a 10.25-inch multimedia monitor on the centre console. The instrument cluster offers a screen design with the three AMG-specific display styles “Classic”, “Sporty” or “Supersport”. In the “Supersport” mode, there is also extensive additional information, such as a prompt to shift up in manual transmission mode. The newly designed visualisations in the multimedia display enable further vehicle functions to be experienced even better, e.g. with an animated presentation of the driving assistance, vehicle and communication systems.

As standard the AMG steering-wheel buttons also have a round controller with an integrated display as well as two vertically positioned coloured display buttons with switches. The AMG drive programmes as well as the AMG TRACTION CONTROL can be actuated via the right-hand controller. The selected setting is shown on the colour LCD display directly integrated in the controller.

The two freely configurable display buttons and the additional switches on the left-hand side enable further AMG functions to be controlled directly on the steering wheel. This means that the driver can concentrate fully on dynamic driving without having to take their hands off the wheel. Each required function can be depicted on the display icon and its switch is tapped by the driver to set the respective function. So the two individually preferred AMG functions can be defined exactly and the settings changed with just one tap of the finger.

Goose-bump-inducing sound: the AMG performance sports exhaust system

The specially developed exhaust system not only delivers genuine racing car sound, it also saves around six kilograms of weight thanks to the use of titanium for the rear silencer and thin-walled stainless steel for the front section of the exhaust system.

With its special, hexagonal form, the large tailpipe tip centred in the rear apron emphasises the car’s motor-racing character. Two more tailpipes are located on the left and right in the diffuser. Their tips are sheathed in carbon fibre like in motorsport to protect the diffuser against high exhaust temperatures. The exhaust system features two infinitely variable exhaust flaps as standard, which have a direct influence on the sound of the AMG GT R Roadster.

The exhaust flaps open and close depending on the selected AMG DRIVE SELECT mode, although they can also be controlled individually using a separate button in the AMG DRIVE UNIT. In the “Comfort” and “Sport” modes, the low-frequency sound typical of a V-8 emphasises comfort. In “Sport Plus” and “RACE” modes, meanwhile, the sound composition is far more emotive.

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