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The wait is over, the all-new Mercedes-AMG SL has arrived. Say hello to the new icon.


An object of desire for nearly 70 years, the SL has long been renowned as one of the finest roadsters to grace our roads. Now, with the all-new Mercedes-AMG SL, the model enters a new age of luxury and performance.

Developed by Mercedes-AMG, the new model sits on a brand new lightweight aluminium architecture which is cloaked in an utterly striking skin. We think you'll agree, this is one seriously pretty car. The classic silhouette remains; long bonnet, steeply raked windscreen, muscular haunches and a sculpted rear deck. The narrow triangular headlights feature a sharp LED running light signature which mirrors the path of the new A-frame AMG specific radiator grille with vertical strakes. Your eye will follow the contours of the front end design to the huge side air intakes which aid aerodynamics as well as cooling the thunderous V8 engine that lays within. 



Behind the front wheelarch, the characteristic side vents that have featured on every SL ever made give a hint as to what is going on underneath the power dome-adorned bonnet: V8 BITURBO 4MATIC+. For the first time in the SL, all-wheel drive is available thanks to AMG 4MATIC+ which delivers all-season grip along with superior driving dynamics on a twisty section of road. The SL launches as the SL 55 and SL 63 both featuring the twin-turbocharged 4.0 litre hand-built masterpiece from Affalterbach. This soulful V8 engine delivers 476 hp and 700 nm in the SL 55 and pumps out a very healthy 585 hp and 800 nm in the SL 63. This will, once again, be a true super sports car. 


A plug-in hybrid model with the electrified rear axle as seen in the new Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E-PERFORMANCE is in development and will soon join these models on the road with over 800 hp on tap. 

The innovations continue with the new SL featuring all-wheel steering for the first time. The rear wheels are able to turn up to 2.5 degrees to further increase agility and stability when driving at high speeds. Up above, the roof is now a fabric multi-layer electric folding roof which is able to raise or lower in just 15 seconds at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour. Using a fabric roof rather than metal has seen a 21kg weight reduction and thanks to a clever Z-folding arrangement, takes up a fraction of the space that the previous metal vario roof did. 

Under the roof - or under the sky if the roof is lowered - is the brand new cabin which, for the first time since the last R129 generation SL models rolled off the production line, features a 2+2 seating configuration. Again, classic and modern elements combine to create a cabin that is as both high-tech and effortlessly luxurious. The portrait central screen is able to pivot between being virtually upright or angled away from the occupants at the touch of a button. In front of the driver, the AMG multifunction steering wheel sports two additional dials to quickly alter the selected drive mode, raise or lower the active rear spoiler, or place the exhaust in its correct setting: loud. 



Drivers and passengers will be able to enjoy the finest leather seats, AIRSCARF neck-level heating and feel the benefits of the newly developed AMG RIDE CONTROL suspension as the new SL stretches its legs for a grand tour. The rear seats can be used to hold additional luggage or passengers up to 1.5 metres tall; passengers in child seats up to 1.35 metres tall. If there are no rear passengers, a pop-in wind deflector can be installed to keep the air within the cabin tranquil. 

The interior attention to detail promises to be just as it is in the new S-Class: fanatical, right down to the last detail. 

Moving out of the cabin, past the pop-out door handles and to the rear of the new SL, the intoxicating shape is accentuated by the low split-diamond shape rear lights and rear diffuser flanked by four proud trapezoidal exhaust pipes to let the world listen to the 8-cylinder symphony that bellows from within. Above the iconic three-pointed star sits the active rear wing which raises automatically above 50 miles per hour to reduce aerodynamic drag and increase efficiency. It can move through 5 positions between retracted and 22 degrees depending on speed. 




Lastly, the SL 55 name makes a welcome return to the model range. We have waited a while for this new model, and our patience has been rewarded. More information will follow, but for now, we can't wait to welcome the all-new Mercedes-AMG SL 55 and SL 63 to our shores, showrooms, and roads. 


Key information:

Mercedes-AMG SL 55 4MATIC+

Engine: 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 

Power: 476 hp at 5500 - 6500 rpm

Torque: 700 nm at 2250 - 4500 rpm

0 - 62 mph: 3.9 seconds

Maximum speed: 183 mph

Drivetrain: front engine, fully variable AMG 4MATIC+ AWD


Suspension: AMG RIDE CONTROL adaptive

Kerb weight: 1950 kg

Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+ 

Engine: 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8  

Power: 585 hp at 5500 - 6500 rpm

Torque: 800 nm at 2500 - 5000 rpm

0 - 62 mph: 3.6 seconds

Maximum speed: 193 mph

Drivetrain: front engine, fully variable AMG 4MATIC+ AWD


Suspension: AMG ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL adaptive

Kerb weight: 1970 kg



More variants and information to follow...

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