smart EQ fortwo & smart EQ forfour: The new generation: ground-breaking, digital, urban

The new generation smart is one thing above all: authentically electric. The brand returns to its origins with the systematic switch to emission-free, battery-electric powertrains. In combination with progressive design and intelligent connectivity, smart already offers a sustainable and comprehensive concept for urban mobility today.

Since then, Mercedes-Benz has worked on a concept of a purely urban vehicle whose powertrain needs to be not only electric, but also a solution for future urban mobility challenges.

The smart with environment-friendly electric powertrain finally became a reality in 2007 with the concept of visionary Nicolas Hayek. Since then, smart has offered an all-electric option in every generation. With the new fortwo and forfour models, the time has finally come: smart is switching to emission-free, battery-electric powertrain technology across the board.

“As a pioneer of urban mobility, it has always been part of smart’s credo to rethink things. The switching of the entire product range to all-electric powertrains marks the start of a new chapter in the story of the smart brand. In concert with innovative sharing concepts and digital services, we are the first manufacturer to switch completely and systematically from combustion engines to solely electric powertrains”, as Daniel Lescow, Head of Brand and Product Management smart, explains the motivation behind the dawn of a new era for the brand.

Rediscover – A new era. In design, too

A smart makes life in the city easier. With its radical concept and new ideas, smart has always offered the right solutions for urban daily life. At the same time, it is always easy to use and intuitive to understand. Trimmed down to the essentials, a smart gives you more time, more energy and, above all, more freedom.

With the systematic switch to battery-electric powertrain technology, smart is now driving back to the future. The brand does not need to reinvent itself at all to do so, it merely has to rediscover itself. Because electric power was always meant to be at the heart of the smart. To express this, the designers drew inspiration from the iconic details of the first generations and interpreted them for the new era of electric mobility. As a result, an original becomes what it has always been: an electric original.

The headlamps also ensure the new clarity in the structuring. With the systematic switch to battery-electric powertrains, there is also the option of bright and long-lasting Full-LEDs. smart now adopts the aspects of the forease and forease+ concept vehicles that excited people in its production models . Three large active LED elements provide not only a characteristic light graphic, but in addition to dipped beam and main beam also serve as direction indicators. In combination with the indicators, the new optional Full-LED headlamps also greet the driver with an impressive welcome show after unlocking the vehicle.

The tail lamps on the updated smart models are another visual and technical highlight. Sporting the familiar rhombic basic geometry, hundreds of elaborately arranged LED lighting elements now form the lamp contours. Beneath the flat plastic cover, they provide not only a special depth effect, but also homogeneous illumination. This gives rise to an ever-changing light graphic, depending on the viewer’s distance from and angle to the vehicle.

Its spaciousness likewise remains generous. The fortwo and forfour are still unrivalled when it comes to interior space in relation to exterior dimensions. No other car offers so much space on such a small area as the two new smart models. To enable even better use of the space, the designers devised an all-new centre console. In place of the hidden drawer at the side, there now is a large stowage compartment in front of the selector lever, which can be closed with a roller cover. Even the largest smartphones can now be stowed securely here. Alternatively, the new stowage compartment can also accommodate two coffee cups thanks to its removable dual cup holder.

Refresh – Always up-to-date: the new infotainment concept

Apart from the new centre console, the most striking innovation in the interior is the significantly expanded connect media system. The newly developed infotainment generation opens up a new dimension in flexibility and ease of use. The new UX concept means that, for the first time, smart purely relies on the seamless interaction with customer mobile phones and their computing power.

By focusing on the essentials such as the eight-inch touch screen and high compatibility with various smartphone systems, customers receive not only a more affordable infotainment solution, but above all a solution that is intuitive for them to operate and upgradable. As soon as they switch to a new smartphone or a software update makes new apps available, they are immediately also introduced in the smart.

With this customer-friendly concept, smart sets itself clearly apart from the competition and demonstrates that most often the simplest solutions deliver the greatest benefit.

Remote – Infinitely digital. And vice-versa

smart is not only becoming infinitely electric, but also infinitely digital. In order to offer customers the best possible service, smart has redesigned its entire digital offering. The new appearance is not only easier and more intuitive to operate, it is above all standardised. Websites and smartphone as well as wearable applications now have the same minimalist interface.

The smart EQ control app brings electrifying mobility to drivers’ smartphones. It is the digital companion for smart drivers and enables them to retrieve the status of their vehicle remotely. As a result, they always know their vehicle’s range and the battery charge level, and can conveniently plan their daily trips. Pre-entry climate control, which allows heating or cooling the car conveniently via app, is another of the app’s important functions.

As a result, the app gets a new face to tie in with the model facelift. The design now dovetails with the newly designed minimalist interface of the digital smart services. However, not only the interface of the app was optimised. The new version also improves the direct interaction with customers. Thanks to the newly created communication field, the communication overlay, messages can be sent to the smart driver quickly and directly. This makes it possible to inform customers about upcoming maintenance or the status of the app, for example.

Another request by customers was faster access to the most important features of the app. With the integration into the smartphone widgets and an Apple Watch application, smart now gives users information even more directly. With a quick glance at the Apple Watch on their wrist, customers can now retrieve the current battery status, check the vehicle range or start pre-entry climate control. This makes the smart EQ control app and its functions even easier to access and creates a digital connection between the customer and their smart.

Regain – electrifying driving fun

A short wheelbase and an immense track in combination with direct steering make the smart uniquely agile. The all-electric driving experience opens up a completely new dimension in driving enjoyment.

With 160 Newton metres of torque available instantly, the new electric models accelerate far better than the 60 kW/82 hp of the separately excited synchronous motor in the rear might suggest. 4.8 seconds for 0 to 60 km/h when the light turns green makes the smart EQ fortwo coupé quick enough to draw astonished looks and provide low-noise driving enjoyment.

The new smart models systematically continue to play to all the strengths of the battery-electric powertrain technology. Thanks to clever packaging and the return to the core of the brand, the concept remains light and resource-friendly, and offers sustainable mobility in metropolitan areas. That is why smart offers a deliberately compact high-voltage battery.

The lithium-ion battery supplied by Daimler-owned Deutsche Accumotive consists of three HV modules and a total of 96 HV cells, and has a capacity of 17.6 kWh, sufficient for a range of 159 kilometres (NEDC). This corresponds not only to several times the average daily kilometres driven in Germany, but above all to a generous range in the metropolitan environment where energy can be recovered through recuperation. Radar-based recuperation in the city is a particularly convenient feature. It allows the smart to slow down automatically behind a vehicle ahead. Coasting and braking phases are perfectly coordinated to enable the maximum amount of kinetic energy to be returned to the battery.

Recharge – Quick and everywhere charger

To make recharging as easy as possible for drivers, smart offers a comprehensive charging concept for its new electric models. With its optional 22 kW on-board charger with rapid-charging function, the new models are charged from 10% to 80% range in under 40 minutes and without having to rely on rare direct-current charging stations if three-phase charging is possible, depending on local conditions. Thanks to the cooperation with charging network partner Plugsurfing, customers can now use virtually all public charging stations. These charging stations can be displayed with the smart EQ control app, and users can sign up with Plugsurfing directly in the app. But even those who only have a conventional household socket at home will be satisfied EV drivers thanks to the low consumption of the smart electric models. The smart charges enough for the average daily driving distance in a little over 3.5 hours at a 230V socket – entirely without a wallbox. Anyone who travels more often and above all farther from home will be delighted with the charging convenience of the smart EQ control app. The seamless integration of the registration and billing process at public charging stations in the completely redesigned smart EQ control app makes the smart a true everywhere charger.