Top 5 Reasons To Love The New Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Mercedes-Benz have brought new levels of technology and styling to the entry level A-Class hatchback, which intelligently unites and redefines lifestyle and digitalization. Expected in showrooms from June, this is the most technologically advanced hatchback ever. Many features would usually only be seen in the larger E-Class or S-Class models. So, without further ado, here are our Top 5 Reasons to Love the New A-Class.

1. Exterior

The exterior styling is an evolution of the old A-class, but less cluttered and the reduced creases give the model sharper details. It’s more aerodynamically efficient too with small aero elements around the wheels which help reduce turbulence and aid performance, economy and cabin refinement.

The headlights and tail lights (halogen headlights are standard, but LEDs are widely available) are slimmer than before and the grille larger, while the bonnet features a more pronounced slope – something that, together with larger wheel arches and a longer wheelbase than before, gives the car a more balanced appearance.

2. Digital Instrument and Infotainment screens

The cabin hosts the biggest changes. Mercedes-Benz have moved the game on a lot further with the new A-Class taking inspiration from the larger E-Class and S-Class models. The dashboard is dominated by a wide flat-panel display which, depending on the model, is home to a pair of touch-screen displays, one 10 inch and one 7 inch, or a pair of 10 inch screens displaying the instruments and the car’s infotainment functions. The instrument screen allows the driver to choose a look to fit their taste, whether that be traditional, sporty or even silent which presents a minimal speedometer for minimal distractions, ideal for night driving.

3. MBUX – The Mercedes-Benz virtual assistant

A key element of the new A-class is its interior technology, notably the Mercedes-Benz virtual assistant, also known as MBUX – the latest generation of infotainment technology, which ties together all user experience functions. The touch and voice commands allow for an extremely intuitive user experience – the latter of which will adjust everything from temperature to satnav destinations by using the command “Hey Mercedes” and conversational terms like “I’m cold” or “I’m hungry”- it also features intelligent learning.

It will, for instance, recognise common choices by its driver and present them as options when the driver starts the car. If you call the same person every Thursday morning for instance, it will give you a call shortcut on the touchscreen, and if you go shopping each Friday night, the route will be pre-programmed ready for when you leave work.

Take a look at our demonstration of the MBUX below!

4. Improved Safety function

The new A-Class comes with Adaptive Brake as standard – until now this was limited to the brand’s much more expensive and luxurious models. As well as the ability to alter the braking split depending on factors like weight and axle load, the system can prime the brakes for an emergency stop by detecting a rapid transition from the accelerator to the brake pedal. Attention Assist helps warn the driver if they are getting distracted or drowsy. If you can think of a semi-autonomous assistance function, the new A-class probably has it – from adding steering input to avoid a pedestrian, to adjusting the brakes and seat-belts if an impact is imminent from the car behind.

5. Augmented reality

MBUX Augmented Reality for Navigation is a completely new function where the map display is enhanced with augmented reality. A video image of the surroundings taken with the aid of the front camera is augmented with helpful navigation information, for example, arrows or house numbers are automatically superimposed directly onto the touchscreen of the media display.

Take to the road and experience the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class