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Hunter Wheel Alignment at Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire.




Incorrect tracking can cause several unwanted effects; poor handling, uneven tyre and suspension wear and increased fuel consumption, just to name a few!


Regular wheel alignment can help alleviate these problems, and the Hunter wheel alignment machines at Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire are available to help get your car back on track. 


Hunter wheel alignment systems are world renowned for their accuracy and precision, owing to their array of cameras and lasers which help measure multiple angles across your vehicles suspension components.


Once these angles have been measured, our Mercedes-Benz trained technicians will adjust the appropriate suspension components to bring your car’s alignment back within factory specifications.


Use the button at the top of the page or click here to enquire now to get a quote for your vehicle or arrange a booking at one of our sites across Hertfordshire. Prices start at £108 inc VAT* for an initial check, plus £72 inc VAT* for any adjustments based on the technician's check. 


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 *Prices subject to change and may not represent final cost of any work carried out.